Below you can find out about all the regular activities that go on in the church.  To find out more you can get in touch via the contact form.


A popular part of church life is Lunches@Quoys, which normally sees the main hall set up like a café in the last Saturday of the month. Eight delicious soups are available, all cooked on the premises, and sweets to choose from include Pavlovas, cheesecakes and trifle. High chairs and child-sized portions are available on request, and a play area with toys is set up for children. There is easy access in or around the premises for pushchairs or wheelchairs. Volunteers have undergone training, and a list of allergens is available for all dishes in accordance with Food Standards Agency Guidelines. Check the church calendar and posters for Lunch@Quoys dates.


Contact Dorothy Storey

Carers Group

One of the longest-established organisations in the church, the carers group is a vital part of the fellowship.

The group consists of volunteers who visit people in hospital or homes, sharing with those who are ill or, on a happier note, joining new parents to help celebrate a new birth in the family. Carers carried out over 70 visits in 2014 alone. They are recognised as offering a worthwhile service to church life. In carrying out the visits, carers themselves often go away feeling blessed by the experience.


Contact Elsie Sutherland

House Groups

There are five house groups in various locations which offer the opportunity for mid-week worship.

The groups follow various Bible studies drawn from supplied material from reputable Christian sources and offer a friendly and informal chance for fellowship and prayer in comfortable settings.


Contact Gordon McFarlane


Cuppas @ Quoys on Tuesdays

The Church is open from 10am to 12pm on Tuesdays for tea/coffee and cake. This is an opportunity for you to come along for a chat and bring someone with you