Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Philippians 4v13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Here is our source of strength, He is the One we love and serve. Its not about us doing whatever we want, its rather us partnering and doing whatever He is doing. A prime example of this is when Jesus says “I only do what I see My Father doing”.

Many of us are involved in the life of the church, one way or another, and if not, why not? Are we saying “I cant” or is it that we just don’t want to? Have we got in a rut where we avoid being stretched or challenged? Maybe got to a stage where we are serving God in our own strength and not seeing any fruit or results? Its very easy to run out of motivation and steam for then get to a place where we say “I cant”. It all depends on whether we have learned the secret that’s in our text “I can….through Christ”

Its when we look at things on a human level, function in our own wisdom, try in our own strength that difficulties become big, We feel defeated before we start, get easily discouraged and think “I cant”. Please don’t misread what I’m trying to say here. We are not supposed to try and do everything, be at everything. God will not drive us, He leads us and we follow Him. There are times to relax, enjoy the life He has given = our work, our families, our friends, hobbies and church life. Its just that when God calls us to partner with Him, we find ourselves challenged in doing what He has asked us to do because they are often bigger than us, outside of our capabilities and talents, seem impossible to achieve {Matthew 28 – “go into all the world and preach the Gospel} and so we say “I cant”….But when we say yes to Him, tell Him we are available, lean on Him, press into Him, trust Him, we find ourselves saying “I can, through Christ”

You and I need to see these words as though they were lit up – “I CAN…THROUGH CHRIST”

This is God Almighty we are talking about, unlimited, unrivalled in all things. Think of Moses, born under a death threat, went through a time of rejection, when it came to him and God working together, had every excuse under the sun and yet became one of the greatest leaders of all time….and what about a young teenage shepherd who wiped out the warrior giant that the whole¬† army of Israel was afraid of with one smooth stone and sling…….or Gods man Daniel who started his career in captivity and who by Gods Grace became The Prime Minister of a very influential city, Babylon. Our God who changed Simon to Peter and Saul to Paul and has turned thousands of the most unlikely Saints into spiritual giants. He can enable you and I to do “all things” that He calls us to if we live in the secret of that little phrase = “through Christ”.

Our words can become like a two edged sword if Christ is in it. Just an ordinary bush in the desert can glow with “Shekinah” fire if Christ is in it. The vital condition is that we guard against anything that interferes with our relationship to Jesus. The moment we loose contact, His electricity stops flowing through us, we just become dormant wires so the best thing is to keep that contact so that His life and power may flow through us continually.

We keep the contact by yielding, knowing and walking with Him.

Its not that we should always feel the current flowing through us but it certainly will flow through us if we keep the contact.

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