Daily Bread

Daily Bread

Luke 9v29 – “and while He was praying the appearance of His face became different”

Looking at the life of Jesus there are seven main events that stand out. His birth, baptism, temptation, transfiguration, His crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. The Transfiguration is the centre of these seven. It is so moving, kind of magnetic as we see The Fathers love and pleasure in The son. It also shows His Lordship, His deity and superiority over Moses and Elijah. Its a beautiful part of scripture. I find it thrilling, uplifting and leaves me humbled.

There are 3 words that stand out, they change everything and the reason why the transfiguration took place, and its the words “as He prayed”. We are told that Jesus went up the mountain to Pray and this change in Him happened “as He prayed”
I do believe that at times this happens to us in our prayer lives.

In a physical way our view of life changes when we climb a hill or mountain. Often the views are spectacular. What we see from a height is very different to what we see at ground level…and its the same as we climb in prayer as we begin to see life very different. When we climb a hill or mountain and look down on what looked big at ground level, can now hardly be seen. A large building is now a little dot and even a town with its streets and parks, look small from a high point.
When you and I climb in prayer its the same. Sometimes climbing through the brambles and over the rocks {us getting through our doubts and worries} just like Moses did, we then get to that place in prayer where we can easily hear and clearly see. What we thought was big, is now small. A well known man said years ago “from the mountain top of secret prayer we get Gods eye view of everything and its so incredible how that makes many great things look small and small things look great, how worldly ambitions look cheap and heavenly ambitions the only ones worth having”

Many things change up here – plans change, worries are left, minds transformed, for its hear we re-align, re-position ourselves.

Yep, this is what happens in our times or prayer especially when we are on the mountain top with the Lord. We cant rush here and who cares anyway about time when we are with HIM.

Hebrews 11v6 – “He rewards those that diligently seek Him”.

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