Daily Bread – Prayer

Daily Bread – Prayer

Title – A Prayer for His own

John 17v9 – “I pray for them”

This is a beautiful chapter for us to read. This is where we hear God The Son praying. This prayer is bottomless and we need to ask in His name that our hearts and minds can somehow grasp and understand its richness.
Its here that Jesus prays for his own {and for us} He is about to leave them and return to The Father but this prayer reveals that they were on His heart and mind. Maybe that’s why John recorded this prayer. Even though The Lord Jesus knew about His own death and suffering, His cared for His disciples.

In His last few days on earth His prayer is tender as He expresses concern for His own. This prayer reaches right through to where we are now and goes on for future believers and will continue to do so until He returns – v20 “neither do I pray for these alone but for those also that shall believe on Me through their word”

This isn’t just a vague prayer but a very specific one. Maybe because of what the disciples were going to witness regarding His betrayal, arrest, trial, beating, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. They needed prayer because He would not be there in bodily form. They needed prayer for the role of God The Holy Spirit and for them to constantly rely on Him.

In v11 and v15 He prays for them to be kept, {be preserved}
In v17 He prays for their Sanctification, {set apart for Gods pleasure, they belonged to Him}
In v21 that His church would be in Unity {together in heart and mind} and be filled with His Joy.
Then in v24 He prays for them to know His Glory {His radiance, presence, brightness, Holiness and purity}
Just think of all the things He could have prayed for on our behalf. To be honest, I don’t think we would have prayed like this. I think our prayers would have been quite different and so we see here what Jesus considers as really important = to be kept, sanctified, unified, glorified.

What Jesus is doing now is the ministry of “intercession” – praying for us and others.
We cant do a more Christ like thing than intercession.

Heb 7v25, “since He always lives to make intercession for them”

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