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Daily Bread

Philippians – “Joy and Rejoicing”

I really enjoy reading this book, it always blesses and inspires me. God encourages me in reading Philippians. It was written to the church which was the first one founded in Europe and Paul stopped here on a brief visit on his 2nd missionary journey {Acts 16}
This is one of those letters that was written by Paul while in prison. While at Philippi Paul had had also been in jail and this is where he had the joy of leading the jailer to Christ and when he was prison at Rome, Paul also led people to Christ {Philemon 10…also 4v22} so we can see whats on his heart and mind!

Chapter 1 – Christ our life. Chapter 2 – Christ our example. Chapter 3 – Christ our goal. Chapter 4 – Christ our strength.

The whole book was written as a thank you letter for them giving financial support and also to help sort out trouble in the church. This had nothing to do with doctrine or a problem in morals, lets just say it was more of a personality clash between two women {4v2}
Notice that Paul didn’t take any sides here but what we do see is that he loved all {1v18} he prayed for all {1v4} and he wrote to all {1v1} and before dealing with the problem he referred to the matter of being in “one mind” and “one spirit” {1v27} and “one accord” {2v1-3}. His comments on murmuring and fall outs in {2v14} and maturity {3v15-16} also laid the foundation for him to speak on the importance of unity and how to get it, maintain it , and to put the icing on the cake referred to the great reference to Christs example of these in {2v1-11}

The key verse is {4v4} “Rejoice in The Lord always and again I say rejoice”. The key words are “joy” and “rejoicing” and are mentioned in each chapter. You will know that Joy is different to happiness. We could say that happiness sits on the surface, just like the calm of the sea when there’s no ripple or wave and everything looks peaceful, and happiness usually depends on the circumstances…..but Joy is the same kind of calm but we don’t just know this on the surface but its something deep down, its the Joy of God the Holy Spirit and is unruffled by circumstances {2v27}.

Philippians 1 – shows that Paul had joy in prayer, joy in knowing that Christ was spoken and preached about {1v4, 18, 12-18}
Philippians 2 – speaks about the example of Jesus {5-11} then Paul willing to lay down his life and die {v17} Timothy who lived and served others {20-22} and of Epaphroditus who was sick and almost died while serving The Lord {25-30}
Philippians 3 – Paul rejoiced in Christ {love to have known what this looked like} All his goals in life were related to knowing HIM and living for HIM {8-14} and he wanted others Christians to have the same goals as himself {17}
Philippians 4 – Paul appeals for unity {2} thanks then for support {10-20} and closes with a benediction involving the word “grace” which he used a lot when coming to a conclusion.

Q. Count how many “Joy and Rejoicing” is in this letter. {should find 16}
Q. Count the word “all” especially in chapter 1.
Q. Number the 7 steps Christ took to save us {2v6-8}
Q. Look at the 7 ambitions of Paul in {3v8-14}

WE are to work out what God has worked in. Compare 1v6 with 2v12-13…also check out what God is going to do in {3v21}
Underline or highlight 1v21, 4v13 and 4v19 as sufficient strength and supply is guaranteed for the whole purpose of living for Christ.

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