LBC Family

LBC Family

Hi LBC Family.

Well, this is certainly different than our usual way of doing church. Its much better meeting together in Gods presence but we as a Church will do the next best thing and all we can to stay closely connected and keeping in-touch by different media channels – WhatsApp, Zoom, phone calls, emails etc. Your phones/Ipads will be pinging here and there but lets make it fun and do all we can to continue to build and encourage one another.
Just because our doors are not open doesn’t mean to say we as a church are not alive and active. Moraig L has designed leaflets which have been distributed to the community around church letting people know that we are here to serve them through this challenging time. ie – collecting shopping, posting mail, a friendly phone call, pharmacy pick up, dog walking or anything else we can help with.

Its important that we stay together in vision and Prayer too. As you know its our National Day of Prayer today and theres lots to pray about. Could I suggest something that will give us a focus and a sense of praying together as a body over the next week or so. This is an ideal opportunity for each one of us to take this “lock-down” period in spending quality time with The Lord, listening to Him and getting to know Him better.

Idea – If your surname begins with the letters ABCDE, then MONDAY would be your day of prayer. ..TUESDAY, if your surname begins with the letters FGHIJ. …WEDNESDAY if your surname begins with KLMNO…..THURSDAY is PQRST and FRIDAY surname UVWYXZ. If this is helpful and you sense it is been productive, we could do it again the following week.
This acrostic may help if you need something to follow. Im sure you have plenty more to talk to God about.

Lock-down is a time to……

L – isten to Gods voice and reflect.
O – bey his word and His teachings
C – all on Jesus name and be Calm.
K – now what is the purpose of all this.
D – well in His Presence – do not panic.
O – ffer prayer for loved ones safety {family/Church/Shetland}
W – ait and be patient. This too, shall pass.
N – urture our personal relationships with Him.

There will be a Sunday morning message each week at 11am with an encouragement for us all to pray from 10.45 before our online service starts. This week will be an “audio message” but next week and onward we will be live streaming.
Our current series “Just between us” {Encounters with Jesus} will be moved onto a different page on our website meaning that we can dip in and out of Johns Gospel looking at different characters but also hearing people who still encounter and meet Jesus today.
Doing this also frees us up to start something new on Sunday mornings that is real and relevant for today’s current/ongoing situation. Again, just a reminder that this Sunday message will be “audio” and after that we will be live streaming.

Bible notes can be posted/delivered to those we know who dont have internet access.

Please keep looking at our website and the church face-book page for up to date information.

P.S. – I am so looking forward to hearing what God is and has been saying to you during this lock-down time.

BLESSING – “The Lord Bless you and keep you, The Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, The Lord turn His face toward you and give you Peace” {Numbers 6v22-26}


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