Resurrection Readings

Resurrection Readings

Luke 24v32 – “They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

The people had listened to the teaching of Jesus, they said that “He was mighty in word and deed and before God and all the people” The disciples loved and followed Him, but now and very quickly, their Lord and friend had been crucified, their hopes and dreams buried with Him.

These two men in our text were known as honest doubters meaning this wasn’t them doubting for doubting sake, they would have been only too glad to believe but the crucifixion was sudden, shameful of the One who they followed and admired, who had inspired them, gave them hope and was going to fulfil their dreams but now it seemed like everything had gone very quickly in reverse.
The women said they had seen a vision of Angels who said that Jesus had risen; but who would believe that?…..even though some of the men later on found the tomb empty but these two hadn’t seen Him. There was a real sadness in their hearts as they walked to Emmaus, doubt had overshadowed them.

Doubt always leads to sadness and we can be clever at disguising it but we know its there. Sometimes it can work for us as we have to thrash through issues to get the right answers but there are times we stay in the doubt zone far too long. Men and women who live in constant doubt about God and Christianity, about the soul and life after death, either live in total disbelief or lost in doubt, and usually doubt means people are stuck in-between and are in two minds and so faith to believe is then put on the sideline.

Faith is the very life of our spiritual nature. It says in Hebrews 11v6 that we cant please God without faith and until our mind can rest itself by faith in something concrete and genuine, there’s no real joy for us. Apart from an intelligent faith in God {knowing and what and why we believe} the peace and joy of God are not known because there are too many other things that latch onto our doubts causing us to be confused and so we struggle even more. There is a difference between doubt and unbelief. Doubt always leaves us hanging, we just cant make up our mind to believe or reject. Unbelief just draws a negative blank and leaves us lifeless and sterile.

These two men were about to find out that Jesus is the One who would remove their doubts as He was risen, alive and with them so their sadness didn’t last long {read 30-35 again} there mourning turned into dancing, their doubt into Joy as they met with Jesus. They ran back to Jerusalem to tell the others that Jesus was alive and had met with them. Their confidence was renewed, they had a certainty about them, they had been with Him so there wasn’t any shadow of a doubt now, they had met with Him and they knew it.. When they got to Jerusalem they found the others also glad and Joyful knowing He was alive.

So their doubts were dissolved {v27} not because of one word or telling stories now but because He “expounded the scriptures to them” in a way that they could now understand the cross and its divine purpose. In {v29} they wanted to spend time with Him “they welcomed Him”. At the end of Luke 24 Jesus then revealed Himself to them, gave them a mission and assured them that He would be with them.

It says “they had great Joy”…..not bad eh, to say that just prior to this they were dragging their feet, sad in spirit, wallowing in doom and gloom.

When He is near and revelation comes through His Spirit and His word……..doubt and unbelief just cant stay around.

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