There are a number of housegroups meeting throughout the week. These usually last one to two hours, and involve between 6 and 12 folk gathering around God’s word each week to study a book of the bible, or a relevant theme based on bible verses. There is an opportunity to share our joys and sorrows as we walk together with Jesus each day, and time to pray together.

Meetings usually take place on weeknights, while one group meets on a Tuesday afternoon. One group focuses on apologetics and a Precepts group currently meets on Saturday morning. Venues include various homes, the church and some meet on Zoom. Several groups are a mix of people from different walks of life, while there is one group for younger people, a couple of women’s groups, and a men’s group.

If you would like to know more, or would like to join a group, please speak to Gordon McFarlane, Pastor Pete, or one of the housegroup leaders.


Gordon McFarlane

Contacts: Gordon McFarlane, Pastor Pete Dale, or one of the housegroup leaders.