Housegroups from January 2020 will be taking a different shape in that more groups will become available. On Sunday  1st December sign up sheets will be on tables in the church where leaders will be available to answer questions. Thereafter sheets will be left in the church so as those who are undecided can sign up over the next few weeks

The groups will run from the week beginning 13th January (Couple of groups the previous week) through to early April. Leaders will be getting together in March to discuss how things are going and where we go thereafter.

If you are not already involved in a Housegroup, this is an ideal opportunity to join.

Details listed below


Group Definite Leaders Material Venue Time
Seekers Group Speak to the minister if you want to take part in this group
Foundation Group David & Priscilla Malcolm Discipleship Explored David & Pricilla’s Tuesday 11am (Commencing 14th Jan)
Evening Housegroup Bill  Storylines (Short DVDs with study books – overview of OT & NT)  Ian Clark’s Wed 7.30 pm

(Commencing 8th Jan)

Afternoon Housegroup Gordon R,  Joyce Series on The Church Tues 1.30pm (Commencing 14th January)
Character Studies Group Phil Character of Peter Tuesday 7.30 pm (Commencing 14th Jan)
Men’s Group Simon, Pete No More Excuses Rotating Tues 7.30 pm (Commencing 14th Jan)
Women’s Group Kitty True Community Kitty’s Thurs 7.30 pm

(Commencing 9th Jan)

Precepts Group Ruth Precepts Church Saturday 9.00 am (Commencing 11th Jan)
Thinking Matters Group Fearghas, Gordon M Various sources on apologetics & how to share your faith Church Thursday 7.30 pm (Commencing 16th Jan)


If you would like to join a group, please speak to Gordon McFarlane or our pastor, Pete Dale.