A number of the house groups are starting up in-person again, so please get involved with one of them and speak with Gordon McFarlane if you need more information.

Pastor Pete will be on holiday from 18th – 25th September, so please get in touch with any of the other leaders during this time if there is anything we can support you with.

Please remember to check the Church website page at the link below for the weekly prayer points and notices:

Weekly Gatherings & Notices – Lerwick Baptist Church Shetland


Group Definite Leaders Material Venue Time
Seekers Group Speak to the minister if you want to take part in this group
Afternoon Housegroup Gordon R,  Joyce Series on The Church Church Tues 1.30pm
Men’s Group Simon, Pete No More Excuses Rotating Tues 7.30 pm
Women’s Group Kitty True Community Kitty’s Thurs 7.30 pm
Precepts Group Ruth Precepts Church Saturday 9.00 am
Thinking Matters Group Fearghas, Gordon M Various sources on apologetics & how to share your faith Church Thursday 7.30 pm